Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why All the Blue Chip Recruits Chose Alabama Over Auburn

From the home office in Marietta, GA, WEA's Top 10 Reasons Why all the Blue Chip Recruits Chose Alabama Over Auburn:

10) Auburn still hung over from Iron Bowl victory.

9) Paul Finebaum wrote a column predicting it, so it came to pass.

8) Couldn't afford them, not with new coaches and Tubs' new contract.

7) Rush Probst left Hoover and ruined our Birmingham connection.

6) 'Rammer Jammer' easier to use as rap lyric than 'War Eagle'.

5) Having 92,000 at your spring game carries CLOUT!

4) Troy already had most of their starters penciled in, too.

3) Because Pete Holiday threatened to "do something crazy" if they didn't.

2) Simply put, Auburn got 'Croomed' all over again.

And the nuber one Auburn excuse why all the blue chip recruits in Alabama chose the Crimson Tide Over us:

1) Tuberville was busy getting the 'hell outta Dodge' since Sheriff Saban came into town.

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