Sunday, July 13, 2008

My All-Time Div 1-A CFB Index

I get my index by using the CFBDW index rankings,, but eliminating the category for Big Four Bowl appearances and using my own system of measuring MNCs (but still assigning 50 points for each one like CFBDW)

For example, Notre Dame has 738 points for all-time winning percentage, 759 points for all-time strength of schedule percentage, and 400 points for 8 actual MNCs, resulting in their total of 1897.

Some may question why I cast aside the Big Four bowl results. I deem them as being somewhat uncredible because of the team and conference alignments that they have had historically. I would consider a criterion that included ALL bowls, with perhaps a weighting of some of the major ones, but I just don't think teams should be penalized for not being in a bowl game that they were never eligible to play in.

I also think that conference championships would be a good criterion with which to index teams on an all-time historic significance, but perhaps we'll leave that for another day. I'm still trying to find out the formula that CFBDW uses to determine strength of schedule rankings.

With further delay, here's what I determined for points, rounded to the nearest whole number:

1) Notre Dame 1897

2) Alabama 1804

3) USC 1748

4) Oklahoma 1741

5) Michigan 1692

6) Ohio State 1670

7) Texas 1666

8) Nebraska 1645

9) Minnesota 1595

10) Georgia 1521

11) LSU 1486

12) Tennessee 1483

13) Penn State 1450

14) Auburn 1434

15) Miami 1431

16) Florida 1415

17) GA Tech 1398

18) Texas A+M 1347

19) Mich State 1321

20) Washington 1302

21) Pittsburgh 1298

22) Arkansas 1288

23) UCLA 1265

24) FSU 1265

25) Illinois 1253

This article will serve as reference material for future articles.

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